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Gambling's Way to the Kid's Heart

A handful of experts have already gone through analyzing why even kids get addicted to gambling. The law states that minors would never be involved in any gambling activity, but in reality, a lot of teenagers today are hooked to gambling as well.

If the law tries so hard the get the children away from gambling, why is it that gambling still reaches them over and over again? If it is ideally available only to adults, why are there so many minors out there who know more about gambling than average adults do?

Gambling reaches to the kids in so many ways. One of which is through television. These past few years, we bear witness as to how gambling penetrated the boob tube. There are television shows today on poker tournaments and other similar gambling events. We all know that television is the turf of teenagers, and in households, usually the minors are the ones holding the remotes. It is also common for parents to leave their kids glued to the television alone because they do not have time to supervise their kids' viewing practices.

A ton of movies had also been made about gambling, and sometimes the stars who play the role of gamblers appear so cool that kids idolize them.

Another way by which gambling gets to the kids is through the internet. Internet gambling is very much popular today, and it is just so easy for kids to bump into online gambling sites nowadays. Some online gambling sites have advertisements in form of links placed strategically on other sites such as in search engines. So, your kid may probably had been researching for his assignment, then he sees this wonderful online gambling site ad during the course of his research. He is a kid and all kids by nature are curious, so he will click away, and in seconds, finds himself in one of those online gambling sites.

Some minors who are into gambling have also probably picked up the hobby from their own parents. Some parents openly engage in gambling in front of their kids, which the kids interpret as a go signal for them to play some gambling games as well.

So you see, even if we prohibit kids from gambling at such a young age, they still get to see gambling in their normal everyday life. Because they are innocent, they are more vulnerable to such temptations compared to adults.

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