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In the past the common concept about gambling in the UK was that the only thing "going on" in the UK was bingo games that were played by old people at long afternoons. But during the last few decades the UK gambling industry had managed to turn its face up side down thus it became the world leading gambling industry.

This unbelievable effort of the UK gambling industry was due to the quality personnel, high spirit and technological advances that made the UK to the a natural habitat for companies that deal with cell gambling application, online casinos operators, casino games designers and developers and so on.

But without the help of the government this couldn't had been done: during the 90's the British government understood quite well where the winds are blowing and worked its way to ease the anti-gambling laws that had been amendment more than 50 years ago.

Today the UK gambling industry has little competition with outside-gaming industries and it's the only gambling industry that investors feel sure about and the evidence lies in the London Stock Exchange where many online casinos' shares are being purchased and sold every day for huge prices.

The future seems to smile to UK casinos and the gambling industry as more and more companies are opened in its territory. Unlike the conservative US, the UK is willing to go straight into the future with the unique entertainment industry which is consisted of super-casinos, online casinos and UK mobile betting services.

Payment Options When Playing Online Casinos

With so many payment options available, making online transactions with casinos is no longer difficult. The security issues are well addressed by the different authentication and secured processes used for all online casino transactions that best protect every casino player's interests. More..

Kiwi Casino Offers New Games

Kiwi Casino presents new additions to its already exciting line-up of online casino games. Lotto Madness, a new 50-line version of Jacks or Better and Ugga Bugga are some of the latest additions in the Kiwi Casino family. More...

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